Agility Exercise / Ejercicio para la agilidad

Guide Tones using the Circle of 4ths

Pantoja Private Online Horn 馃摨 Studio

If you are interested on having private lessons with me feel free to contact me thru Facebook, Instagram or my Website We can work on improvisation, etudes, excerpts, concertos or anything that you are passionate about.

One of my favorite 3rd Horn Excerpt!

Permutaciones- Video en Espa帽ol

Saludos a todos, gracias a Dios ya estoy de vuelta de unas excelentes vacaciones en Colombia con la familia. Muy contento de estar con ustedes nuevamente. Espero todos se encuentren muy bien y que hayan disfrutado sus vacaciones. Este video es a cerca de Permutaciones, p谩gina 26, ej#2

Permutations - English Video

How to learn Chord Tones!

Tips for Smooth Playing!

Tips para tocar conectado y fluido!

Major Pentatonic Scale

Tools for Improvisation - Major Pentatonic Scale. Any Orchestral or Band instrument can do it! Degrees 1,2,3,5 and 6 of the scale.

Steps to practice:
1. Learn the Pentatonic Scale in every single key by memory.
2. Start getting comfortable improvising in just one key using only those five notes

Tips for High Horn Playing!

Hello Everyone. Hope everyone is Safe. Here are some Tips for High Horn Playing! Hope it is helpful.
From Classical to Jazz an Improvisation Method

Escala Pentat贸nica Mayor

Saludos a todos,
Herramientas de Improvisaci贸n - Escala Pentat贸nica Mayor. Cualquier instrumento Orquestal o de Banda lo puede hacer. Grados 1,2,3,5, y 6 de la escala.

Pasos para practicar:
1. Aprender de memoria la escala pentat贸nica en todos los tonos.
2. Comenzar a sentirse c贸modo improvisando

Tips para Registro Agudo en la Trompa Francesa (Corno)

Saludos a todos, aqu铆 les dejo unos consejos para el Registro Agudo en la trompa(corno). Espero sea de ayuda!

From Classical to Jazz an Improvisation Method

Tips for Horn - Connection between register and Tongue Placement

Here are two of the exercises I did today in my practice to help with the connection between registers and tongue placement. Using Major chords arpeggios (1,5,3,1). Hope it is helpful!
Aqui dos de los ejercicios que estuve practicando hoy enfocados en la uni贸n y el balance entre los registros

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Hi Gary,
Hope you are doing well!Looking forward to meet you here in Puerto Rico.On January 28th we are going to have an ET Movie Concert at the new Coca Cola Music Hall in PR.It鈥檚 going to be great

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Hi Joshua
I am visiting family in PR around the beginning of February. Are you playing anywhere in late January or early February? Also, what publication or website lists all types of music in town?

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Yes! I am accepting students. I will contact you asap!
Joshua 馃檹馃徏馃摨

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I am interested in taking private lessons on the French horn. Are you accepting students? Please let me know
Sincerely Jean luzon

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